TST-C - Thomas Schmidt Consultants


Thomas Werner Schmidt


Managing Director, Senior Project Manager,
Assigned QS/GMP-Manager

Basis: Technical training at Siemens

Professional History: Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (Fraunhofer Institut für Neue Technologien), Berlin; 1985-1996 technical manager at Ultra Tube GmbH in Berlin; 1996-2001 Sales and Marketing manager at Dräger Tescom GmbH; 2001-2003 General Manager at the German subsidiary of the American company Kinetics; 2003 Q-Cells AG in Thalheim; April 2004 Change to the Board of Directors of Q-Cells AG (responsible for production, QM, safety and technical services); under his management, Q-Cells build a capacity of over 600 MWp; 2007 to 2008 operative organisation for the CSG AG (an early wafer-technology holding of Q-Cells SE).

Recently: Thomas Schmidt has been working as an indenpendent consultant Since May 2008; December 2008: founding of the consulting company TST-C (specializing in cell-production companies); founder, CEO, shareholder of TST-C; June 2013: refounding Thomas Schmidt Consultants GmbH Services and Consulting for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry.

Further Qualifications BioPharm:
Modern filling praxis course at Bausch + Ströbe Modern filling praxis course at Bausch + Ströbel October 14
Training and certificate as assigned QS/GMP Manager Block I, Mai 2014, Block II June 2014
GMP in High Purity piping installation Training, July 2013
FDA-compliant Engineering Seminar, February 2002
Cost optimised Pharma Factories Seminar, January 2001

Further Qualifications Management & Projects:
Maintenance success control training, March 2007
Law traps for technical management seminar, January 2007
5 modules business coaching, 2006 until 2007
Project contracts training, September 2002
Training as expert for pressure vessels according German Druckbehälter-Verord. 2004 &1992

Co-Author for the part media supply systems of the LCS-compendium „Planning, furniture and facilities for laboratories“


Chi Seng Phung


MBA, Commercial Project Leader
Assigned QS/GMP-Manager

Basis: Trained as an assistant tax consultant; studied Business Information Systems; thesis “Production Process – Information Transfer to the Foreign Subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia”

Professional History: Freelance employee in IT Controlling at Daimler-Chrysler in Stuttgart; supervising and initiating the founding of companies, especially in technological areas; EXIST start-up grant from the TU Berlin..

Recently: Since April 2010, Chi Seng Phung has been working freelance as a Project and Sales Manager. He has been working with Thomas Schmidt Consultants since July 2013, responsible commercial project supervision and execution, as well as for project acquisition in Asia.

Further Qualifications BioPharm:
Training and certificate as assigned QS/GMP Manager Block I, Mai 2014, Block II June 2014